Induction training TOP 10 checklist


TOP 10 checklist is a tool which anyone can use to check whether induction training in their organization is effective and promotes work ability. In addition to learning their work tasks, when new employees start their job they have to become accustomed to the workplace’s rules and the whole work culture. For an employee with an immigrant background, Finnish work life as a whole may be unfamiliar. The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) has produced a checklist for organizations of the areas that should be covered in young immigrants’ induction training.

Quick to use check-list for anyone interested in their organization's induction training and how it takes into account multicultural aspects.
Widely spread, educational organizations could use the tool together with their students in order to check the induction practices of training places and of e.g. summer work. Students can check how they were inducted with the help of the list.
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