Let's Move It Clos­ing Sem­inar

Time: Monday February 4, 2019, 12.00-15.30
Place: Tiedekulma, Stage (University of Helsinki)

The Let’s Move It research project investigated a school-based intervention to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour. As the project is now coming to an end, we warmly welcome you to a seminar showcasing the findings of this research and their implications for practice.

Talks will shed light on e.g.:
  • Did the intervention increase activity?
  • What are the most effective strategies to change physical activity behaviours?
  • Why do interventions work (or not)? Psychological and social processes of behaviour change
  • methods related to intervention design and evaluation
  • much more!

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Maanantai, 04. helmikuuta 2019 - 12:00
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